Tales from Anselmo’s Castle

Finalmente il libro è disponibile anche nella versione in lingua inglese, clicca per acquistare.

“On the path of education which betrays his expectations of happiness, a promising and enthusiastic veterinary student decides to take off his white coat to dress himself in the gaze of his dogs and the passion for life. Dream always, never give up.Through twenty-two stories children of irony and reality, Francesco Mostacci exceeds the confines between the two-legged world and that of the four-legged showing how courage, heart and instinct are prerogative both in animals and the soul. Francesco Mostacci, born in Cagliari 6th March 1973, has always deeply loved literature and writing as much as his animals. A degree in Veterinary Medicine, “left in suspension” (as he loves to say) at a step away from completion. Owner of the Kennels by the name of ” Castell’ Anselmo” which takes its name from a small hamlet near to Livorno, where he spent six years of his life, in villa Orlando, known as the “red villa”. He began writing his stories on Facebook, on a page quickly called “The World of Castell’Anselmo” where he literally makes his animals talk and tells about life with them, followed by thousands of people, who insistently, asked for a book.”

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